Athletics Fitness Challenge

Week 6 Activities

Monday 25 May : Day 31

Tuesday 26 May : Day 32

Wednesday 27 May : Day 33

Thursday 28 May : Day 34

Friday 29 May : Fun Friday Challenge

Welcome back to our final week of Athletics Fitness Challenges,

Thank you Coach Ben and Coach Rachel for a great workout. It can often be motivating to have a healthy competitive factor involved in our workouts.

This week we have 4 workouts for you a cardio blaster, CMIS ladder, Frenimies, and Dice challenge. If you have any questions regarding form or exercise please do send an email or simply

type the exercise into youtube to get a full breakdown. We really hope you have enjoyed the 30 day challenge mixed in with our amazing staff leading Friday Fun Challenges.

This Friday challenge is issued to everyone for the summer...take some time to try alternative exerices (pilates, zumba, yoga, running, plyometrics, join a gym, etc). If this 30 day challenge worked for you then have a glance

through and find another workout that is cattered towards you and your family.

I'll leave you wiht a quote from a freind and colleage "Remember that you only have one body and one mind so take care of them and they will take care of you".

Have a great summer, stay safe, and healthy!

Go Eagles!!!

Athletics Friday Fun Challenge - House hold workout with Coach Ben and Coach Rachel!

Friday Fitness Challenge.mp4